Transgender Voice Lessons

CVC's lessons help you define voice goals and work on all aspects of your voice - pitch, resonance, prosody, articulation, and most importantly, you being you. Weekly or twice a month sessions help you make changes fast, and give you the tools to work on your own!

In-person lessons or tele-practice available. Schedule your lesson today. 

Transgender Voice Workshops

These half-day or day-long workshops introduce practices you can use to explore and maintain those aspects of your voice that express who you are. Set personal voice goals and discover ways to achieve them. This workshop provides a welcoming, culturally-competent space where you can take risks, share challenges and things that work, experience guided explorations of voice exercises specific to your challenges, and come away with a wealth of resources. The workshop will be offered on sliding scale. Dates TBD.

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Public Speaking for Women Lessons and Workshops

Diane Robinson brings 30 years of professional theater experience and a passion for presenting and performing to her work with women business leaders who want to improve their public speaking skills. From tips and tricks to more holistic methods - breathing, anyone? - she can help you be your dazzling, persuasive, powerful self in front of the most intimidating audience. Speak your truth, find your power, own the space, and actually love speaking in public! Workshops and classes are forming for 2018, and private half-hour or 1-hour sessions are always available. Contact us to learn more!

Diane is wonderful to work with! Knowledgeable, patient, inventive, supportive, enthusiastic about her individual clients and the opportunity to work with them — and an all around terrific individual to boot.
— Dr. Elliott Crigger, PhD